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My Debut Novel is Coming Soon!

I'm thrilled to announce my debut YA dystopian novel, The Breakout, has been acquired by 48fourteen Publishing and will be coming soon!

Here's a little bit about the book:

In a future where society is classified by DNA, teenager Trina Hauk isn’t good at following the rules, despite her elite genetic designation. She’s never really fit in, kind of a loner really who has a major crush on Kalen, a boy she’s not matched to. Raised by the government, Trina has never had a choice in occupation, social standing or even love. Until Kalen is arrested for helping her cover up her latest mistake.​

Now, the only way to save him is to seek help from an unlikely ally, a mysterious teenager named Jarek who is scheduled for termination. Jarek knows the prison location, but won’t tell unless Trina breaks him out of his cell. Becoming a fugitive isn’t exactly what she had in mind. And then there’s the part where she denies her growing attraction to Jarek. Pulled between the pre-determined life she’s always had and her forbidden love, Trina must choose who to trust…and who to save.

I'm looking forward to this new journey and I will keep you updated.


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