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3rd and Starlight Anthology

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Exiled from the old world. Set apart because they were different. The Mechanized humans were created to be the ultimate soldiers. They've started a new life free from war. Until the makers, known as Skinners, returned.

~ Skinners, a short story by Rachelle Harp

Fourteen tales by award-winning and nominated edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy. 

Stories to amaze, delight, and touch the heart…on the corner of 3rd and Starlight.

“Like trying strange and unusual foods, finding new writers to love and follow can be a chaotic, hit and miss experience. This anthology offers delicious and exotic creations by some of the best new writers in the speculative fiction field.” — William Ledbetter, 2016 Nebula award-winning author of “The Long Fall Up.”
“An enchanting mix of tales from up-and-coming authors from Birch’s gentle story of passage to English and Finegold’s saga of love and honor among immortals. Every piece has its own delights!” — J. Kathleen Cheney, Locus award-winning author of “The Golden City.”
“Fresh new discoveries and recent favorites from vibrant new voices in SF and fantasy. Remember these names! — Martin L. Shoemaker, WSFA award-winning author of “Today I am Paul.”

* Rebecca Birch * Nick T. Chan * Jennifer Campbell-Hicks * * Philip Brian Hall * K. L. Schwengel * Rachelle Harp * M. E. Garber * *Dustin Adams * Frank Dutkiewicz * M. Elizabeth Ticknor * * Sean Monaghan * William R. D. Wood * Julie Frost * Scott R. Parkin * * Kary English * Robert B. Finegold, M.D. *


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